Our Services

Web Design

On our team we have experienced design and technical experts. This means that we can always design, build and provide the solution that best suits your needs.

Internet technology is always changing and we aim to always be at the front of new ideas and solutions. When we plan a site it is always with a view to capitalise on the technologies available. All web sites we build have the capacity to expand and change with your business needs and in most cases won't require expensive rebuilds or redesigning.

Domain Registration

We can register new domain names for you or manage those you already have.

We will make sure your domain is properly registered in your name and we can manage it so that your web and email services all work correctly and remain secure.

WEB Site Hosting

We use a leading web hosting company who we trust for our own site hosting.

With competative pricing structures we can arrange your hosting package to include:

  • 50 Gigabytes of web space
  • 3000 mailboxes supporting SMTP / POP3 & IMAP
  • Online Control Panel to monitor web stats and site configuration
  • mySQL Databases
  • Mobile Online Storage
  • PHP, Zend, Framework, Perl, Python, Ruby, SSI Programming

Blogging Site

If you want a simple blogging site, we can arrange a domain name, appropriate hosting package and setup a full blogging page which is ready for you to use with your favourite mobile blogging application.

Custom Graphic Design

Below is just a small selection of bespoke Graphic Design services we offer, please contact us for further information:

  • Graphical Logo designs
  • Business Card design and production
  • Leaflet / Flyer design and production